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Knowledge, experience and sound installation practices are key to great skylights. It takes time to perfect the art of skylight installations from meticulous waterproofing methods to the finishing touches. New installations are available in a stunning variety of designs from the classic 2 way flare to multiple openings with recessed lighting and a variety of geometric shapes.

With our industry leading installation & product warranties you can rest easy and be confident with our proven waterproof installations & superior product line.

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Posted: July 30 2016
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Oh oh, more hail storms, As Calgary's only full time skylight company we have the expertise to quickly & properly identify and repair your skylight.

Did you know the #1 cause of all skylight leakage is the original installation by the roofer, The # 2 leading cause is the roofer coming back to caulk the skylight, # 3 is hail breakage on the older inexpensive home builder skylight. The typical rule is "If caulking is required the job has failed !" because caulking will always fail at some point and will usually end up trapping water.

Custom size or shape ? no problem ! roughly half our clients fall into this category Opening skylights? we carry products from all the best manufacturers Velux, Columbia Fakro etc...

Please be aware that due to low customer demand we have closed down our showroom in Calgary and moved our offices back to Airdrie with a new mailing address! You can still email us with any skylight inquiries you may have. If you would like to schedule one of our free estimates please be sure to include your address.